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For more than 11 years, Intelliblue has helped some of the countries best companies express their company simply and powerfully.

IntelliBlue is an Enterprise Application Provider that specializes in the development of high performance software applications for desktop, Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) and mobile environments.  IntelliBlue was founded in January of 2001 and currently has offices in Austin, Texas and San Diego, California.  IntelliBlue has over 20 years of software design, analysis and implementation experience.

We have been there for the entire life cycle of many projects ranging from company-wide enterprise systems to personal handheld applications. IntelliBlue has expertise in many areas such as Palm Computing™ devices, Windows and UNIX operating systems, Networking, Software Integration, Java, XML and Visual Basic. The IntelliBlue team specializes in providing quality, service and ongoing support to all clients.

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