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For more than 11 years, we've helped some of the world's best companies express their brands simply and powerfully in every medium.

We began by developing classic corporate identity programs—new names and logos for stationery, signs, trucks, and packaging. But there was always something missing—even after their outward appearance changed, companies didn’t act differently. Their marketing materials didn’t reflect a new way of doing business. We knew that more was possible because we believed that branded communications aren’t just about the company—they are the company to its customers, shareholders, and employees.

We spent the next three decades helping our clients truly transform how their companies are perceived, differentiate themselves from their competition, and realize their business objectives.

PeaceCouncil created by Intelliblue

See how Intelliblue helped Peacecouncil get their message out.

Healthys Branding created by Intelliblue and Ithinkgroup
See how Intelliblue defined a new identity and new value for healthy fast food.
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